Aqueducts Of Cantalloc

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Acueducts of Cantalloc

Aqueduct of Cantalloc

Located to 4 km from the city of Nazca (15 minutes approx.)

Nazca inhabitants developed a system of underground aqueducts to irrigate the dry parts of the Valley that lacked water. Thus, men of Nazca culture could combat prolonged droughts that raged into the Valley.

The water of the Cantalloc cliffs come from the drainage of a nearby river called “Rio Blanco”. Rocks of spiral form that are for the oxygenation and prevent erosion comes from the river “piedra canto rodado”. The aqueducts are connected to the zanjon has carob roof, the reservoir is 1.5 km from the aqueducts, waters are stored in the reservoir by gravity exist 1° of difference. These aqueducts have 1600 years of antiquity.


Early in the morning after breakfast we will start our tour with destination to the aqueducts of Cantalloc, which are approximately at 4 km to the East of Nazca city; in the journey we will visit the archaeological site Caxamarca known as Paredones, a Political and Administrative Inca center, silent witness of the Andean expansion.

Then we will visit the archaeological zone “Las Agujas”, where we will see a trapezoid from the top of a natural viewpoint, this figure is related to groundwater. To complete our tour we will visit the aqueduct of Cantalloc, where you will observe the constructions of the old people of the area who with much wit built these underground galleries what evidence the highly technological development of the Nazca culture ; around the site we will enjoy a natural landscape with a wide variety of plantations.

End of the tour.


  1. Pick up from the hotel in Nazca.
  2. Transfers and entrance tickets to the tourist attractions.
  3. Personalized attention.
  4. Professional Guide.
  5. Transfer to the hotel at the end of the tour.

Not Include

  1. Accommodation in Nazca.
  2. Extras.

We Recommend Bringing

  1. Wear lightweight clothing because in this area It's very hot.
  2. If you make this excursion in the afternoon, take a jacket because there are strong winds.
  3. Wear hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and water.
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